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  I am an Emmy-winning freelance composer.  

My music can be heard in TV shows, films,

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Fushigi Album.jpg

Fushigi is my latest album.  The limited edition, translucent purple vinyl version is available in my store.  Streaming everywhere now. 

In Japanese, “fushigi” translates to wonder, mystery, strange, miracle, marvel, and 

curiosity; a perfect description of the music.  Fushigi is a concept album, conceived to be enjoyed on vinyl.


Side A


Side A is an imagined underwater journey across the Pacific Ocean from California to Japan.  It begins with the nervous excitement of "Focus Your Mind" and "Prepare to Dive".  The two tracks mentally prepare the listener to undertake the arduous voyage, foreshadowing the destination through the use of traditional Japanese instruments. Once the listener is submerged, the music becomes wondrous and curious as we explore the world under the surface of the ocean.  Side A concludes with the bubbly sounds of "Drifting to the Surface" and a fight against the crashing surf, as heard in "The Struggle Ashore".


Side B


Side B is an exploration of my memories of Japan, beginning with "Welcome to Japan", an epic introduction to an incredible land.  From there the album evolves through dreamlike remembrances, from the stoic "Respect", to the urban blink of "Shibuya Glows".  It concludes with "Goodbye Fushigi", a subdued yet playful restatement of the musical theme established in "Finding Fushigi", from Side A.



After composing for Street Food: Asia (Netflix), I wanted to learn more about traditional Japanese instruments.  My goal was not to re-create Japanese music or my impression of Japanese music, but to engage Japanese instruments to inspire the writing process and to learn more about them along the way.  


I would like to personally thank Asano Taiko U.S. for the lessons and Saeko Zirkelbach Kujiraoka (koto) and Mike Penny (shamisen) for not only performing on this album, but for also helping me understand the beauty and potential of these instruments.  This album reflects the memories and feelings that I associate with traveling to and through Japan.