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Out West - Turntable Slipmat

Out West - Turntable Slipmat

The slipmat features the Out West album artwork and is made of high-quality felt.  The mat is regular thickness (3/32" or 2mm) and is sized to fit any turntable. It is anti-static, has a glazed bottom to grip and avoid slippage, feels great and works well for DJ scratching or just playing your records. The image is impregnated into the surface of the mat, so it cannot scratch off or damage the record.


The album artwork found on the slipmat was hand drawn by the talented D-WREX.

  • Price includes shipping (inside the continental US) and a digital download.  Please contact for specific shipping price if you need it shipped outside the continental United States.  If your slipmat is damaged upon delivery, please contact us and we will send you a replacement.  

    Note: The slipmats are made-to-order and shipped from Canada to Los Angeles, re-packaged, then sent to you.   Allow approximately 2-3 weeks from your initial order for delivery


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