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Redesign The Intent - CD

Redesign The Intent - CD

Price includes shipping inside the continental US and a digital download link of the album. 

Please contact for specific shipping price if you need it shipped outside the continental United States.


This album is a collection of remixes and re-imaginings of the songs originally found on Project Parallel's debut album, Android Parlour Tricks. These songs have been "redesigned" by a collection of talented DJs, producers and composers.

  • Fall Out of Sequence (Meow Mix) - Alvaro Morello 
    Spinning Eyes - Silas Hite 
    Ahead of the Day - Igloo at Audacity Works 
    The Distance (Driving Mix) - John F. McJunkin at Avalon Podcasting 
    Entanglement - Little Plastic Pilots & Silas Hite 
    The Reunderstanding - The Satin Cowboy & The Seven Deadly Sins 
    Uninhibited (Industro Mix) - Albert Fox 
    Lost Holiday - M.C. E. Go! 
    Heart of Reggaeton - Albert Fox 
    Waiting For You To Realize (Blunted Stout Mix) - JTMarshall 
    The Distance (Retro-Electro Mix) - John F. McJunkin at Avalon Podcasting 

    Produced by Silas Hite 
    Executive Producers - Project Parallel 
    Mastered by Hans DeKline at Sound Bites Dog 

    Design by Caroline Smogorzewski, Silas Hite & Patrick Whitehorn

  • If your album is damaged upon delivery, please contact us and we will send you a replacement.

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