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Sounds for a Dinner Party - Limited Edition 12" Vinyl

Sounds for a Dinner Party - Limited Edition 12" Vinyl

Price includes shipping inside the continental US and a digital download card.  Please contact for specific shipping price if you need it shipped outside the continental United States.


Sounds for a Dinner Party honors the delicate combination, balance, and joy that happens when friends and family converse around a table. Violin, mandolin, accordion, cello, bassoon, a whistle, and more, play off one another to create a soundtrack for a dinner party to remember. 

- Rev. Dr. Lisa McIntyre-Hite, Executive Producer



  • Silas Hite - guitars, mandolin, accordion, banjo, keyboards, percussion, drums, whistling 


    Kathleen Sloan - violin 
    Timothy Loo - cello 
    Ricky Miami - viola 
    Paul Morin - upright bass 


    Andrea Urrutia - flute, piccolo 
    Anthony Parnther - bassoon 
    Hornette Coleman - clarinet 

    All music composed, arranged, recorded, mixed, 
    and produced by Silas Hite 

    Executive Producer - Rev. Dr. Lisa McIntyre-Hite 
    Mastered by Hans DeKline 

    Photos by David Broach 
    Artwork & Design by DWREX 

  • If your album is damaged upon delivery, please contact us and we will send you a replacement.

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